Tuesday, January 31, 2012

25 Things to do While I am 25

I was recently inspired to make a list of 25 things I wanted to do in my 25th year on this great planet.  Since I don't have much else going on, I figured it would be something positive and productive to focus on.  Granted, some of the things on the list are kind of bizarre and random, but I guess that is what you get with me.  I decided to share some of the things on my list (some, not all), and document the progress I am making.  This way, with the public watching, I will be more motivated.  (Feel free to get on me about not getting though enough of these things fast enough because I do procrastinate.)

1. Date someone- This means going on at least 3 dates with the same person with some sort of romantic intentions (Side note: if this goal was to eat 3 dates with someone in the general area, I would have had this one whipped only days after my birthday.  Unfortunately, actual progress on this goal is dismal, at best.)

2. Visit a new country- If all goes as planned, this will be happening in April with Kelley.

3. Learn to Dougie- This one was actually accomplished only days after my birthday by watching a YouTube video of Cali Swag District teaching me how to Dougie. 

4. Run a 10K- Although this is going to be harder than bricks (running on pavement every day is giong to kill my shins, and probably my whole body), I think I can do it.

5. Read a classic novel- Like I have never done this before or something.  I just needed some things that would be easier and more enjoyable to accomplish.

6. Go golfing- The real reason I want to do this is due to the reason the Scots put 18 holes in a round of golf: There are 18 shots in a fifth of scotch.

7. Work on my memoir- It's not even February, and I already have at least starts on three chapters.  Now I just need help with revisions to (hopefully) make it something I don't hate.  Not even something to publish (although, I am sure it will be published and sold along side Tropic of Cancer by the time I am 30).  Just something I don't hate.

8. Return to Chile- No explanation needed.

9. Learn the rest of the words to Ludacris's "Fantasy"- I have been trying to learn all of the words for about 5 years now, but I figure now that I am 25, I should focus and learn those last few lines.

10. Get a camera- Since I got robbed in Valpo, I haven't had a real camera.  I loved my film camera, and I always will love film.  But I think I am going to look for a digital SLR this time.  Now I just need to find a really good deal on one...

11. Do  this and this with said camera- And really, I would love for my friends to make lists of things for more photo challenges.  I love finding the beauty in simple and everyday things.

12. Lose at least five pounds- I have been trying to do this since summer 2010, but I will do it this year!  And ideally, the pounds will just keep falling off once I get on a roll.

13. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Eve- Let's be honest.  This isn't going to happen.

14. Hiking and camping adventure- My biggest obsticle with this one, is that I am going to have to do it by myself, and I think I would enjoy it significantly more if there was at least one other person to share the experience with.  But I suppose that is part of the challenge, eh?

This isn't everything on my list, but it is most of it.  My list is still lacking a few things, so if anybody has any ideas, I would love to hear them!


  1. this sounds like a pretty fun list. totally attainable, and you are good looking and smart. you will not have a problem accomplishing these.

    old class mate.

  2. at less 6 things you should do in chile ;)