Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love World Cups

I have decided that any sport that has a World Cup is good in my book, (so everybody should get ready and excited for the rugby World Cup later this year).  Since my arrival here in South Africa, I have started watching and paying attention to the ICC Cricket World Cup.  Of course, I am rooting for South Africa to win.  They play their last group stage game tomorrow, and they have to win to stay in.  Here are some things I love about cricket:

1. They use funny words: The stick things behind the batter are wickets, and when they get hit and the batter is out, it is called a wicket.  The person that throws the ball (like the pitcher) is called the bowler, and their throw is called a bowl. 

2. They have “drinks break”: I think it’s great that they promote staying well hydrated when playing such a long game in the heat.  I love taking breaks for drinks.  Plus, a Gator type vehicle comes out with a giant Gatorade cooler thing on the back.

3. They are all really really ridiculously good looking: As with soccer players, cricket players are possibly the best looking athletes out there. 

4. Games go on forever: This could be annoying, but I think it’s great.  Games last for hours and hours, so if there is a game that starts in the late morning (while I am at work), I know it will still be on in the afternoon (when I get back from work).  And chances are, there is still a fair amount of the game left.  Plus, I don’t think you really have to tailgate.  The game moves at such a pace that you have plenty of time to discuss odds and rankings and statistics, but there is enough action to keep you engaged. 

My Tan Line is Fading

I really miss Santiago, and I knew I would.  But right now, the thing I miss most is having some level of independence.  A driver comes to take me to work in the morning and he brings me back home at the end of the day.  That part is nice.  I like not having to worry about getting there myself considering public transportation is terrible.  But after I get dropped off in the afternoon, I am not supposed to go out by myself.  It’s not safe.  I understand why I can’t go out by myself, and I don’t.  But that doesn’t mean I am not getting claustrophobic and cabin fever.  We don’t go outside with the kids at the center, and not being able to go out and do anything on my own means my tan lines just keep fading.  I am really hoping the pool gets cleaned soon so I can go swimming in the afternoons when I get back from the center.

As an update: There is going to be a woman staying at the house with me that will be there all day, so when I get back from work, if I want to do something, she will be there to take me out.  Hoorays!