Sunday, February 19, 2012

25 Things to do While I am 25: Update

First, I think I should be honest.  I haven't been putting in the time I should be to complete my list of 25 things to do while I am 25.  However, I have made some progress. 

7. Work on my memoir- Despite the fact that I have a start on about 3 chapters of my memoir, they are not good chapters, and I am having trouble doing revisions.  I'm thinking the key to me making any real progress is to join a highly structured writing group.  That way, I know there is an expectation for my writing and revisions to be done, and I get feedback from the group. 

12. Lose at least five pounds- Oddly enough, the last time I was on a scale, I was about half way to completing this goal.  I haven't done anything besides started working at the capital and eating inappropriate amounts of free cookies.  Apparently cookies are a weight loss food.

15. Wear heals to work- This wasn't on my original list I posted, but it is something I had wanted to do.  Especially with having a kind of real job that requires me to look classy.  I had to get one of my shoes repaired first, but since I now have shoes that are fully wearable, I have worn them to work almost every day. 

1. Date someone- I haven't actually dated someone as outlined by my definition.  However, I did participate in a disastrous speed dating situation.  It was put on by the alumni associations of Iowa State, Iowa, and UNI.  So the one nice thing was knowing that there was some level of intelligence in the room.  Odds of there being a mutual "like" and contact information sent out is slim to none, so I will keep working on this.

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